Embrodiery FAQ

New customers usually have a common set of Workwear Embroidery FAQ questions. We thought it might be helpful to list these here. We have no minimum order constraints; Check out our workwear embroidery shop for great Workwear Embroidery products.

Which Logos are the most suitable for Workwear Embroidery?

For successful embroidery, it’s best to avoid lots of fine detail, colour gradients and small text (less than 8mm) in the design. If you have an existing logo, send it to us and we will advise if it is suitable. The majority of logos can just be embroidered, but some may require small tweaks to bring out the best of the embroidery.

See our instagram page for examples of our recent commissions.

Where can the logos be placed?

We can place logos in all kinds of places from the traditional left breast on a polo shirt to the collar of a jacket and even on small pockets. In the past, we have embroidered on ties, cushions, bags and even trainers. Take a look at our on-line catalogue for examples of all the common positions for workwear embroidery on various products. If you need something non-standard (e.g. a very large bespoke piece of embroidery on the back of a jacket) or just want to explore the possibilities for your brand, please Contact Us and we will be happy to provide advice.

Which formats do you accept for logo artwork?

We can accept the following file types (in order of preference):- .SVG, .AI, .PDF, .EPS, .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, .TIFF and .PSD. If you have a logo or design that is in a different format, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we can see if it is possible to use it. For the standard formats, our on-line Embroidery service could not be easier, you can upload your logo once you have chosen your garments and placement, etc.

If you need to something that is not in a standard format (see above), you can upload your logo to us via the Contact Us page and we will be happy to take a look and get back to you. Also, see our Artwork Guidelines for more information.

How much does Workwear Embroidery Typically cost?

We charge £5 per placement as standard. However, if you have a volume order we are happy to discuss discounting this with you. If we need to digitise your logo (i.e. convert the design to stitches), there is a standard one-off charge of £15. If we already have a digitised version of the logo on file with us, there is NO charge for repeat orders, only the placement charge is applicable. For orders over £100, we will deliver the embroidered workwear to you free. See the products in our online store for detailed embroidery prices or Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

For example to embroider a new logo on the left breast of 10 Polos, would cost:-
a) a one-off £15 (not applicable to repeat orders) for the digitising
b) £5 per application to each polo
… giving a total of £65 + P&P.

Can you source products that are not on your on-line store

We have access to tens of thousands of products from a large number of trade suppliers. We can obtain all manner of products all brands, in small to large quantities and at advantageous trade prices which we can pass on to you.

If you can’t find what you need in our on-line store, Contact Us and we will be happy to use our wholesale supply network to source exactly what you need.